AR-Link: Augmented Reality without App

Augmented Reality for the Web, browser-based AR or Web AR

One of the biggest challenges of Augmented Reality (AR) was the need for users to install apps before they could experience AR content. AR-Link now offers the possibility for users to experience Augmented Reality without an app. AR-Link provides file types that can be displayed via a browser and interpreted and executed via the native Augmented Reality frameworks of Apple (ARKit) and Google (ARCore). This browser-based Augmented Reality solution therefore offers completely new possibilities to reach customers with AR. For example, Augmented Reality can be integrated into social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), messengers (WhatsApp, Slack, Skype), e-mail or on your own mobile homepage (e.g. your online-shop). AR-Link thus offers the possibility of integrating Augmented Reality directly into multichannel strategies. This increases the reach of Augmented Reality content and now offers a basis for sustainable conversions or AR views. In the future it will also be possible to integrate AR-Link into Google search results. This means that AR visualisations can be executed directly from the search results with only one click.

One of the key features of AR-Link is the possibility to display 3D AR objects in real size - allowing. Allowing the e-commerce to catch up with a significant advantage of the store-based retailer business. As of today, the user of a webshop has to make his purchase decision based on small images. With AR-Link the user is not only able to visualise the product in real size, but also in its own enviroment. The consumer can see how a product appears in real size in his/her own home, something not even a real shopping expericence can offer. This feature leads to an average 14% increase in conversion.

AR becomes mainstream and AR-Link is your ticket to jump onto this train. The AR/VR Labs team is a pure Augmented Reality player with over 7 years of experience, more than 1,000 Augmented Reality projects and well over 5,000 AR models. Your number 1 for Augmented Reality realisations for the consumer market.