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Turn your client’s office or home into a showroom for your products – on any modern mobile using iOS or Android!

Imagine your clients could see how that new sofa, chair, coffeemaker or even hot tub look in their office or home.Imagine how car geeks would benefit from directly seeing the new wheels on their car. What about those fashionistas checking out the hottest items of the season in their dressing rooms? And all of that straight from your already existing website, without any app! We can do that. In fact, we are doing that for a bunch of clients already.

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Browse through some cool examples and ping us if you want us to show you how AR-Link can help you sell more.

Augmented Reality Link - Demo
Augmented Reality Link - Demo
Augmented Reality Link - Demo
Augmented Reality Link - Demo


Enhance the Product Experience of your Customers on all digital Channels

Augmented Reality for Webshop
Augmented Reality for Social Media
Augmented Reality for E-Mails & Newsletter
Augmented Reality for Messengers


Our State-of-the-Art AR Technology

Augmented Reality Web browser

No App needed

Instant access via iOS 12 & Android 8 (Nougat)

Real Size Augmented Reality Objects

True-Sized AR

Accurate scaling for real-size visualisation

Augmented Reality Detection

Surface & Ground Detection

Place 3D objects on real surfaces and view them from all angles

Augmented Reality Animations


Animate your 3D objects in order to provide more information

New Features coming soon...

Power of AR

Show products where customers want to see them!

One of the main disadvantages of online shopping compared to in-store shopping is that products can only be shown as small images rather than in real size. AR-Link closes that gap and displays your products directly where your customers want to see them!


of shoppers want to use Augmented Reality to learn more about additional product information


spend more time at a retailer if they can shop with Augmented Reality


want to use Augmented Reality to see product differences such as color or style variations

How we work

We create the 3D Models and embed the Tech into your Website. Full-service – worry-free! Worldwide.

Augmented Reality Content Upload

Content Review

Evaluation of your product information (images, real products, CAD-files, etc.)

Augmented Reality Data Management

AR Asset Management Cloud

Setup and implementation of your individual data storage

Augmented Reality Content Creation

3D-Modelling /

Creation of 3D-Files for AR-Link

Browser Based AR-Link

Go Live

Publication of your very own AR-Links

About Us

Experience matters...

Cover Picture: Over 7 Years of Experience

Over 7 Years of Experience

Creating augmented realities since 2012

Cover Picture: 100% pure AR-Player

100% pure AR

Purely focused on Augmented Reality projects

Cover Picture: Over 1,000 AR Projects

Over 1,000 Projects

Over 1,000 AR campaigns launched so far

Cover Picture: #1 in the AR Market

Europe’s leading AR-Player

Keeping the AR pole position in the consumer market (b2c)

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